Accessing the Folk Club website

For technical reasons you can’t access the Irvine Folk Club website at the moment via the address. The website is still up and running though and accessible through a second address. You will find the site if you Google Irvine Folk Club or you can access it directly here.

We are currently doing some training on updating the website, so over the next couple of weeks you might a few more emails than normal. We apologise in advance for any errors. Man didn’t get to the moon without the odd snag, hopefully Joyce and Anne’s journey into cyberspace will be a smooth one!

Encourage your friends to join the club email mailing list.  Everyone who is subscribed to the Club Website will be getting this email automatically.  If you have any friends who you think would like to know what is happening at the club, the best way to keep in touch is to ‘subscribe’ to our news via the website.  All you need to do is to enter an email address on the website.  And it’s FREE!