Maurice Dickson is the guest on Wednesday 6th March.

Maurice Dickson is the guest at Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 6th March.  Belfast born Maurice is a talented musician and plays contemporary folk, Irish folk, blues as well as his own material.  Having started playing, singing and writing at fifteen, Maurice put together his first band at sixteen and then, three years later traded his engineer’s overalls for a life as a musician.  There followed almost five years of ‘touring’  Europe and North Africa, plying his craft and more importantly, soaking up many musical influences and gaining experience as a performer.  This period is reflected in his musical style which does not fit in any of the usual categories.

Suffice to say that he plays guitar like few others and has a stage presence all his own! Maurice has eight albums to his name and has started on a new one with Catherine Ashcroft. It is hoped that some sample tracks will be ready for May.

Writing, recording and touring in Ireland, England, Scotland, Holland, Denmark and the USA keeps Maurice busy. His mastery of the acoustic guitar coupled with his unique stagecraft style add up to making his live performances memorable. He also has a quirky sense of humour although some reckon that Maurice talks too much!

Guitar players of whatever standard will be keen to be at Irvine Folk Club to hear Maurice Dickson – asking themselves, ‘How does he do that?!’

Irvine Folk Club on 6th March starting at 8pm in Vineburgh Community Centre in Caldon Road.

Young Trad Musician of The Year at Irvine Burns Club

Finally, the Music Services Section of North Ayrshire Council held their annual Young Trad Musician of The Year at Irvine Burns Club this week with Irvine Royal Academy taking first place in both the Senior and Junior Sections.

Jemma Stirling of Irvine Royal won the Senior Section. Jemma plays Piano and Fiddle.  Scott Figgins of Greenwood Academy was Runner-Up  playing the Bagpipes.  The Junior Section was won by Jenna Stranaghan of Irvine Royal  with Runners-Up being Sarah Mooney and Jessica Thorpe.  It’s a credit to NAC that they continue to host this competition under the guidance  of Trad Music tutor Gillian Frame.