Kent DuChaine – 11th June

Kent DuChaine the nomadic Bluesman from Minnesota is back at Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 11th June. His abundant energy and enthusiasm means there is no chance of nodding off when he is playing. Kent’s guitar playing is exceptional and combined with the power of his voice and his passion for the Blues means it’s a night not to be missed at the Irvine Club.

Kent’s potted history is: born in Wayzata, Minnesota; formed a garage band at 13; reading Eric Clapton album notes led him to check out a Robert Johnson album at his local library. So taken aback by the album, he almost wore it out listening to it ….the music of the Mississippi Delta had captured him.

In 1969 Kent learned to play slide guitar and ten years later he found his beloved Leadbessie – ‘a beat-up 1934 National Steel Guitar’ as he describes her. It’s kitted out with extra heavy strings to cope with his ferocious style and there is now a whole lot of gaffer tape on Leadbessie as well! The name Leadbessie is an affectionate amalgam of Blues legends Leadbelly and Bessie Smith.

Kent lives to spread the Blues and has clocked up countless thousands of miles and close on 100 overseas tours from his South Georgia base in the USA. Songs about Kent’s youth, his adventures, family and friends are linked by frank anecdotes in true troubadour style.

He always brings something of his own interpretation to covers of standards such as Little Red Rooster, St James Infirmary, I’ll Be True To You or Trouble in Mind. His set is a far cry from ‘ well I woke up this morning’!! His intricate, finger-picking slide-guitar and use of his hand as a handhammer beat, all contribute to the sheer intensity of a Kent DuChaine performance.

Wednesday 11th June is a night for Blues fans to enjoy at Irvine Folk Club with Kent DuChaine. The Club meets in Vineburgh Community Centre in Quarry Road, starts at 8pm and it’s BYOB.

Two other dates for diaries. This Friday 6th June in Ardrossan’s Lauriston Hotel there is a Folk Night featuring Amber Road, Andy Chung and A Pinch O’ Salt (coats). It starts at 7.30pm, £10 admission and is organised by Ardrossan Highland Games which take place on Sunday 8th June.

Back in Irvine, Salt House makes their debut appearance in Irvine on Thursday 12th June. They are playing at The Harbour Arts Centre and the starting time is 7.30pm. This is a fundraiser for The Church of The Nazarene. Tickets cost £10 and are available from The HAC or phone Thomas Turner on 01294 275972. Salt House have an extremely talented line-up and seem like a band well worth hearing.