Bruce & Walker – 25th June

When Ian Bruce and Ian Walker play as a duo they now appear under the Bruce & Walker banner and very happily they are the Irvine Folk Club guests on Wednesday 25th June. Ian B and Ian W are surely two of the best ambassadors for folk music and cannot be recommended highly enough.

Ian Bruce is a much respected singer and songwriter. His excellent interpretation of Burns’ songs brought a whole swathe of material to the attention of people who hitherto might not have bothered listening to the Bard. He injected new life into Dr Fred Freeman’s series The Complete Songs of Robert Burns.

Ian B is a big man with a big voice to match and he makes complicated guitar playing look ridiculously easy. Added to that, Ian Bruce is a very personable fellow. What’s not to like!

The other Ian – Ian Walker, used to work in Irvine but then took himself off to Bo’ness where he still lives. His first solo booking was at the Kilmarnock Club where he received great encouragement from Pete Heywood. Ian is an acclaimed and award-winning songwriter. Gems like Roses in December, Some Hae Meat and Hawks and Eagles have all come from the thoughtful pen of Ian Walker. Ian’s uncomplicated banjo accompaniment, ready smile and straightforward delivery all add up to an out-of the-ordinary folk musician.

Bruce & Walker released an acclaimed album earlier this year called Born To Rottenrow on the Greentrax label and a quick look at their gig list demonstrates that the duo is in much demand all over the UK. Ian W’s wife Moe appears on the new album doing backing vocals and may help out at the Irvine Club.

Sometimes articles like this might appear to ‘over-egg the pudding’. Definitely not so in this case. Audiences everywhere enjoy Bruce & Walker and doubtless they are the envy of many other musicians.

Bruce & Walker are at Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 25th June. The Club meets in Vineburgh Community Centre in Quarry Road. It starts at 8pm and it’s BYOB.

Finally, if you haven’t been to the folk sessions at Irvine’s Ship Inn, try and get along. They start at 8pm every Tuesday and are thoroughly enjoyable.