20th Sep – Joyce’s “Almost” Retirement Party

After celebrating her 80th birthday on the 14th of September the coming club night has been named Joyce’s “Almost” Retirement Party. Joyce has been involved with the Irvine Folk Club for 52 years, she has been the organiser of the club since 2002 and is a founding member of the Marymass Folk Festival. She now feels it is time to take a step back (not a complete disappearing act, merely a ‘put your feet up a little and let others do some of the work’ step back) and well deserved it is. As a testimony to her strong commitment and the friendships forged through the love of music this Wednesday night’s guests will gather with the loyal audience of the Irvine Folk club to celebrate Joyce.

Guests are: The Ian Walker Band, Alastair McDonald, John Graham & Jim Jack, Fraser Bruce, Haggerdash, Stevie and Anne, Dominic Boyce, Dominic Dunne, Maureen and Willie & The Quiggs

Club starts as usual at 8pm and during the break Joyce is putting on a buffet for all to enjoy.