Your memories of Irvine Folk Club and Marymass Folk Festival

We are now in the 50th year of Irvine Folk Club and looking forward to the 50th Anniversary of the Marymass Folk Festival in 2017. Pete Heywood has been working for some time on compiling a history of the club and festival. He would welcome any memories that you have, ideally by email or in writing. Here are a couple of questions that could help start the ball rolling.

What memories do you have of your first experiences with the Folk Club and Festival? (Over time, it would be good to get people’s memories of particular highlights over the years, but to kick off it would be good to look back to you EARLIER experiences.)

In respect to the Marymass Folk Festival, which particular artists do you most associate with Marymass? (Again it would be good to focus initially on the earlier years. We’ll ask about the more recent era later.)

You can contact Pete directly by email –

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