Bob Wood – 9th August

7th Feb – The Mairs Family Band


Irvine folk club is delighted to welcome back The Mairs Family Band this Wednesday 7th February! A band that’s been around for a long time and is still going strong, you can look forward to a night of great musicianship, harmony singing and songs and tunes in the folk, Americana and Bluegrass style.

24th January – Mairi Campbell



Irvine Folk club is looking forward to welcoming Scottish singer and musician Mairi Campbell. Since it’s so very close to Burns night, there’ll be a free Burns related buffet at the interval.

Mairi Campbell is a pioneering Scottish musician whose work is rooted in, and draws from, her personal stories and cultural concerns. As an interpreter of Scots song, Mairi has contributed a significant number of songs to its current canon. She is the recipient of six national music awards including the Inspiration Award in 2018. In 2019 she was inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame.

10th January – Alan Reid

​Alan Reid has been a professional folksinger, musician and songwriter since 1976 and a was a founding member of The Battlefield Band. With an extensive experience of playing at home and abroad Alan delights audiences and presents the very best in modern and traditional Scottish song and music wherever he performs.

13 Dec – The Ian Walker Band with John Graham


The Irvine Folk club is looking forward to welcoming The Ian Walker Band (Ian Walker, Moe Walker and Jimmy Scott with guest John Graham) this Wednesday the 13th December for the annual Christmas night before the club takes a break during the festive season. Come along and join us for what is sure to be a night of great songs and good craic.

The club will start up again Wednesday the 10th of January with Scottish singer, musician, songwriter Alan Reid. 

1st Nov – Sunjay


 This wednesday Irvine folk club presents Sunjay for what’s sure to be a great night of guitar-picking, feet-tapping music. Sunjay has performed before in Irvine and we’re delighted to welcome him back.


18th Oct – Tanninzie


Irvine Folk club welcomes Tanninzie, a group formed in the 1970s. Today the band has three members consisting of Fiona Campbell ( lead vocals ), Ken Lorimer ( vocals and guitar ) and Mik Shaw ( vocals and electric bass). Expect to hear some harmony singing, fine playing and a broad range of material.


4th October – Dan McKinnon


We’re delighted to welcome back Dan McKinnon to Irvine Folk Club.

Blessed with a glorious baritone voice, a graceful mastery on guitar, and a hearty laugh that delights any room, Dan McKinnon has carved out his own unique, musical path. From early beginnings in the coffee houses, pubs and bars of Atlantic Canada, to yearly tours throughout the UK, Dan’s performances reveal an enduring respect for the past, tempered by a profound attachment to the present. His keenly observed stories and passionately delivered songs convey a deep inquisitiveness into the human condition combined with the rich heritage of the Maritimes.

“Hearing Dan McKinnon for the first time reminds me of the first time I heard Stan Rogers or James Keelaghan…” – Rich Warren, Sing Out!

20th Sep – Joyce’s “Almost” Retirement Party

After celebrating her 80th birthday on the 14th of September the coming club night has been named Joyce’s “Almost” Retirement Party. Joyce has been involved with the Irvine Folk Club for 52 years, she has been the organiser of the club since 2002 and is a founding member of the Marymass Folk Festival. She now feels it is time to take a step back (not a complete disappearing act, merely a ‘put your feet up a little and let others do some of the work’ step back) and well deserved it is. As a testimony to her strong commitment and the friendships forged through the love of music this Wednesday night’s guests will gather with the loyal audience of the Irvine Folk club to celebrate Joyce.

Guests are: The Ian Walker Band, Alastair McDonald, John Graham & Jim Jack, Fraser Bruce, Haggerdash, Stevie and Anne, Dominic Boyce, Dominic Dunne, Maureen and Willie & The Quiggs

Club starts as usual at 8pm and during the break Joyce is putting on a buffet for all to enjoy.

6th September – Ian Bruce & Kev Green

“We write together, we sing my songs, the odd Robert Burns, some I’ve written for The Land We Love and the Young Territorial Projects, the odd rock standard acoustically and other old favourites like Streets of London and The Last Thing On My Mind. We’ve even found out we are both fans of early Fairport Convention. It’s all thrown into the mix which is encouraging the keen folk audiences to belt it out!”