New Event – Thursday 23rd August

51st MARYMASS FOLK FESTIVAL 23rd – 27th August
Who doesn’t like listening to a good story well told?
As part of the 51st Marymass Folk Festival two professional Storytellers from Traditional Arts & Culture in Scotland will be in Irvine. They are experienced in telling stories to audiences of all ages and eight Storytelling Sessions have been arranged over two days.
The majority of the Storytelling Sessions will be spent in some of the local schools.
In addition, a special Storytelling Session with Michael Kerins has been arranged for Thursday 23rd August from 3pm – 4pm in The Mure Church Hall for people who are above school age and you are invited.
This event is free and is open to anyone who might be interested.
This is something different for the Folk Festival – why not come along and give it a try.