Munro, O’Callaghan & Titchener, Wed 26th June DON’T MISS THIS ONE

Three seasoned performers from Adelaide will be the guests at Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 26th June. They are John Munro, Mike O’Callaghan and Pete Titchener, each of them with long careers in the music business and together they are a class act.

They say their strengths lie in their writing and choosing good material and then applying dynamic arrangements and harmonies.  When Eric Bogle is prepared to put his stamp of approval on them, then their claims must surely be well-founded!

It was the internationally known band Colcannon that brought the three men together. Colcannon topped the bill at a Marymass Saturday night concert some years ago, so Irvine is known to them. John Munro having toured with Eric Bogle for 35 years is certainly no stranger to Irvine audiences. Pete Titchener and John Munro still perform with Eric in Australia.

Munro, O’Callaghan & Titchener play instruments as only experienced session and backing musicians can. Add to that their tight harmonies and the fact that they enjoy one another’s company and it’s a trio to be reckoned with.

Hear them at Irvine folk Club in Vineburgh Community Centre in Quarry Road on Wednesday 26th June. The Club starts at 8pm and it’s BYOB.

The 46th Marymass Folk Festival

Information leaflets are now being distributed for The 46th Marymass Folk Festival. The dates for this year’s thrash are 21st -25th August. All info is available at Irvine Folk Club or phone Joyce on 01294 551047.

Finally, if you are on your travels and looking for music you would do well to be in the glorious Kingdom of Fife on 28th & 29th June for the Falkland Traditional Folk Festival.  Looking just a bit further ahead, the Stonehaven Folk Festival dates are 11th -14th July. See Scotland and enjoy excellent, live music – a superb combination.