Broom Bezzums – Guests at Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 14th November

Broom Bezzums is a duo based in Germany, with their origins in England and  they are the guests at Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 14th November.  Mark Bloomer and Andrew Caddie are Broom Bezzums.

With four albums to their name, these two talented multi-instrumentalists have a sound which might lead you to think that there were more than two people on the stage. Hands, feet and mouths are all used to create the Broom Bezzums’ sound.

From Northumberland, Andrew Caddie cites Alistair Anderson as one of his early musical influences when the great man came to Andrew’s first school to demonstrate the concertina and pipes. And it was Kathryn Tickell who taught Andrew fiddle and pipes. After busking around Europe, Andrew did a degree in Folk & Traditional Music at Newcastle and since then has been a much sought after musician.

Mark is a Brummie and his first love is drumming. He was a drummer with several Birmingham based punk, Indie and psychedelic rock outfits. From there he gravitated to more roots based music and left for a two week holiday in Ireland – he stayed four years!  Playing on the Cork session scene, he became a stalwart guitarist, and then hit the road again to travel Europe and ended up in Germany.

Between them, Mark and Andrew play Northumbrian Pipes, Guitars, Mandola, Fiddle and Bass Drum.  They both do vocals.  Their recently released fourth album Winterman has mostly traditional songs with a Winter or Christmas theme. They also do some self-penned material. For impressive musicianship, easy charm and good material then get along to Irvine Folk Club on 14th November to hear Broom Bezzums.

The Club meets at Vineburgh Community Centre. It starts at 8pm and it’s BYOB.