Marymass 50 Concert: The Johnny Silvo Story – The Townhouse, Irvine. Friday 27th October, 7.30pm

Tickets are now available online for the first of our special Marymass 50 Concerts to be held in the upstairs hall in The Townhouse, The Portal, Irvine. Friday 27th October, 7.30pm. This first concert is The Johnny Silvo Story

Johnny Silvo was a regular performer at Marymass Folk Festival over most of its 50 year history, and he was one who connected more than most with Irvine audiences. Johnny Silvo sadly passed away in 2011, just a few weeks after he had headlined the Marymass Saturday Evening Concert. Thankfully we have some wonderful live recordings of Johnny at Marymass and his musical legacy lives on in his songs and our memories. Johnny’s life story is a fascinating one and The Johnny Silvo Story will give you insight into the life of a travelling musician who was at the heart of the post war revival of music making which swept the country from the 50s and 60s setting the scene for so much of the music which thrives to the present day. Through the wonders of technology, The Johnny Silvo Story will be another chance to experience the music of Johnny Silvo, to sing along with him, and to see images from the recent and not so recent past. With Special Guests.

Tickets are £8 and are available online from this website or will be on sale at Irvine Folk Club. The hall upstairs in the Townhouse is a lovely venue (it was where we held the Marymass Exhibition launch). We are limited to a capacity of 80 people, for what promises to be a very special evening. Please book your tickets early.

Next club night features Tich Frier

Photo of Danny Kyle, mike Whellans, Mick Elliott and Tich Frier as The Opera Singers Tich Frier is our next guest on Wednesday 13th September. Tich has been a friend of the club since its earliest days back in the late 60s. A fine singer and a sharp wit. If you don’t know Tich have a look at his website but we advise you not to miss this one. (The photograph is one from our Marymass History archive – with Tich on the right hand side as one of the ‘spoof’ Opera Singers.)

The website has now been updated with the guests up to Christmas and most of them have website links so you can check them out at your leisure. 27th September – Eileen McGann; 11th October – TBC; 25th October – James Keelaghan & Hugh McMillan; 8th November – Flossie Malavialle; SPECIAL EVENT: Saturday, 11th November. Far, Far from Ypres – The Volunteer Rooms (Please get your tickets well in advance as we expect this special performance to sell out quickly.); 22nd November – Kieran Halpin; 6th December – Luckenbooth; 20th December – Christmas Surprise Night!

Far, Far from Ypres – Tickets now on sale

Far Far from Ypres - Artists on stage

Tickets are now on sale for Far, Far from Ypres which we are bringing to Irvine as one of our special 50 year anniversary events. This will be in The Volunteer Rooms on Saturday 11th November at 7.30pm. Currently this is the only scheduled performance of the show in 2017 – the next confirmed performance is at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh in November 2018. Tickets have deliberately been set at an affordable level and are only £10. We expect the event to sell out quickly and we advise you to book them directly from the Folk Club or On-line before our main publicity for this event is launched.

Guests for the rest of the year

Our guest list until the end of the Year is now complete. Here is the list for your diaries.

July 6th Bob Wood
July 20th Kelly’s Heroes
August 3rd Enda Kenny

August 17th – 21st THE 49th MARYMASS FOLK FESTIVAL

August 31st The Mairs Family Band
September 14th Mark and Cindy Lemaire
September 28th David Francey
October 12th Jack Law’s Band
October 26th Saffron Summerfield
November 9th Fraser Nimmo
November 23rd Forgaitherin (Glenfarg)
December 7th Alan Reid and Rob Von Sante

Your memories of Irvine Folk Club and Marymass Folk Festival

We are now in the 50th year of Irvine Folk Club and looking forward to the 50th Anniversary of the Marymass Folk Festival in 2017. Pete Heywood has been working for some time on compiling a history of the club and festival. He would welcome any memories that you have, ideally by email or in writing. Here are a couple of questions that could help start the ball rolling.

What memories do you have of your first experiences with the Folk Club and Festival? (Over time, it would be good to get people’s memories of particular highlights over the years, but to kick off it would be good to look back to you EARLIER experiences.)

In respect to the Marymass Folk Festival, which particular artists do you most associate with Marymass? (Again it would be good to focus initially on the earlier years. We’ll ask about the more recent era later.)

You can contact Pete directly by email –

This post is set up so that you will be able to ‘comment’ on it and we can access your answers that way. Be aware though that we might have to switch off the ability to comment on the post if we end up getting too many Spam messages.

Fraser and Ian Bruce album launch concert in Glasgow on Saturday

I thought club members would appreciate a reminder about the Concert and Album launch for Fraser & Ian Bruce – Mrs Bruce’s Boys – this Saturday, 10th October at Adelaides, Bath St, GLASGOW, 7.30. Tickets and details from

Fraser used to be an MC at Irvine Folk Club and did a great night at the club recently. On that night, his brother Ian played guitar, but for this evening as Mrs Bruce’s Boys, you get the full power of Fraser and Ian together.  A little bit of as they were then, a bit of as they are now – and a hint of things to come.

Mrs Bruces Boys, Concert Flyer

Dawn Martin wins the Marymass Open Stage.

Dawn Martin, Marymass Open Stage Winner

Dawn Martin and Willie Sinclair won The Open Stage Competition at the 48th Marymass Folk Festival. Dawn looks happy – Willie looks shocked !!! The Judges were Beth Folkemer of Dearest Home and the weel kent face Tom Smith of Prestwick. A very popular decision – Dawn has certainly earned it. We can now look forward forward to Dawn playing at the Saturday night concert, headlined by special guests Na Leanai – the next generation of The Sands Family from Rostrevor, Northern Ireland. Tell your friends!!