27th April – Bruce and Walker with Moe Walker

Ian Bruce, Ian Walker & Moe Walker

Ian Bruce & Ian Walker have become a trio! Ian W’s wife Moe has joined the band and you can hear all three of them at Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 27th April. Whilst Moe has on occasion joined the Ians on stage, this is the first time for Irvine audiences that she will be a formal band member.

Visits by Ian Bruce & Ian Walker are always welcome. They are two gifted songwriters with fine voices who play guitar and banjo respectively – and they are really nice guys. Moe is a singer and lends another dimension to an already classy duo. Sadly, little background info on Moe is available being that she is new-ish – all things in time!

Ian Bruce now resident in Edinburgh and Bo’Ness based Ian Walker joined forces in 1987 as an occasional duo, they quickly established themselves as a winning musical combination. Ian Walker says that his introduction to the world of entertainment was via the legendary Scots actor and entertainer Jimmy Logan. Ian has honed his skills playing at countless Folk Clubs and Festivals amassing a wealth of experience that comes from decades in the business. A very fine Banjo player, Ian sings and plays in an uncomplicated way and believes passionately in the power of music.

It’s hard to pin down Ian B’s style – his repertoire includes traditional material, country plus some almost pop items. What’s certain is that his exceptional vocal range and fine guitar playing make him an artist that is hard to match. As well as playing alongside the other Ian, Ian B also does solo gigs and over the last year or so, has teamed up again with big brother Fraser under the name Mrs Bruce’s Boys. If you have heard the marvellous Far, Far From Ypres show produced by Ian McCalman, then you have heard the powerful vocals of Ian Bruce.

The thoughtful and challenging songwriting style of both Ians continues to produce gems. Ian W’s Hawks and Eagles Fly Like Doves was used on a CD to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in Britain and the respect of other musicians is evident from the number of artists who cover material from both Ians.

Ian Bruce, Ian Walker & Moe Walker are at Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 27th April. The Club meets in Vineburgh Community Centre in Quarry Road and starts at 8pm. Better get there in good time to make sure of a seat.