24th June – Sean Donnelly

Long since known for the freshness he brings to songs that others might have discarded for being too familiar, the gentle fellow with the storyteller’s voice Sean Donnelly is back at Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 24th June. This is a change to the scheduled programme.

A native of Co Tyrone, who ‘emmigrated’ to Newcastle Co Down in the early ‘70s, Sean Donnelly has been popular on the folk club circuit for a number of years. He has made countless radio broadcasts and his seventh album And Our Time Together containing songs new and old, is one of which he is particularly proud.

Gentle, quiet, unshowy, easy relaxed style are all words that are used repeatedly when people describe Sean. He has a knack for knowing a good song when he hears one and has accumulated a vast repertoire that draws heavily but not exclusively from the traditional wells of Ulster song. He also writes songs. Sean has a quiet storyteller’s voice with a distinctive Northern Ireland enunciation and a delicate guitar style that is the envy of many. He plays an open-tuned guitar that complements his singing ideally.

Tommy Sands who knows a thing or two about singing says of Sean ‘there is a gentleness in the man’s voice and a kindness in the guitar that unwrinkles the mind and body’ . What a gift Mr Sands has for finding the right words!

Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 24th June is the place to savour the songs, the singing, the stories and the music of Sean Donnelly. The Irvine Club meets in Vineburgh Community Centre in Quarry Road, starts at 8pm and it’s BYOB.

Finally, the 48th Marymass Folk Festival programme giving full details is now out. They are available in all sorts of places but, if you can’t find one then phone Joyce on 01294 551047 or visit www.irvinefolkclub.org.uk