20th December – Real Time

Real Time, a very talented band tops the bill on Wednesday 20th December – the final night at Irvine Folk Club for 2017. It’s a three-piece outfit on this occasion and features Kenny Speirs, Eilidh Grant & Fiona Cuthill – all three having appeared in different bands in Irvine over the years.
Denholm based Kenny Speirs has appeared at the Irvine Club on numerous occasions. His first Irvine appearance was probably with The John Wright Band when the Club was based at The Redburn and since then as a soloist and as a member of a variety of duos and trios and also Real Time. Kenny plays acoustic guitar, sings and also writes songs.
Eilidh Grant is known for her stunning vocals. She has a real passion for the music of Burns and also is at home with contemporary and trad material. Along with Celine Donoghue & Katherine MacLeod, Eilidh makes up the other third of the popular Celtic Quines.
Classically trained Violinist Fiona Cuthill is certainly no stranger to Irvine. Usually, Fiona is to be found alongside master player of the guitar and bouzouki Stevie Lawrence in the band Rallion. She is also known as a fine composer.
Borders based Real Time started life some 15 years ago and since then has gone through a number of line-up changes. Their repertoire comes from both sides of the Border plus some contemporary items as well as self-penned material.
The Real Time combination of three such talented musicians should make for a really good night to mark the end of 2017. Forget rushing around in ever-decreasing Christmas circles for a while and get yourself along to Irvine Folk Club for 8pm on Wednesday 20th December at Vineburgh Community Centre in Quarry Road to hear Real Time. Irvine Folk Club restarts on Wednesday 17th January with Jed Grimes.
Elsewhere, remember that January 2018 sees the start of the 25th Celtic Connections and programmes, out now, are stappit-fu with details on bands from all airts and pairts and corners of the world.