11th April – Allan Taylor

The guest at Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 11th April is the internationally acclaimed songwriter’s songwriter Allan Taylor. It’s a few years since the Irvine audience has heard Allan, but for anyone who has not heard Allan Taylor live, make sure that the 11th April is in the diary.

His songs are sung by many performers in many languages. There are more than 100 recorded sessions of his songs with one of them ‘It’s good to see you’ having 80 cover versions including artists of the calibre of Nana Mouskouri, Rosemary Woods, De Dannan, Johnny Silvo, Don Williams, Dick Gaughan – you get the drift. Other gems to come from the pen of Allan Taylor include Still he sings, Roll on the Day, Lady take your time and The Rose and the Briar. A sustained quality of songwriting.

After hearing the songs of Woody Guthrie and the guitar playing of Davey Graham, Brighton born Allan, left there when he was 15 to become part of the vibrant London folk music scene. Fifty years down the road and frequently described as one of the last travelling troubadours, he has played all over the world at festivals, concerts and folk clubs. Most importantly, given such a remarkably lengthy and successful career, Allan still enjoys playing, undertaking new projects and doing new clubs and concert venues that interest him.

Album releases by Allan date back to 1971. There Was a Time released in 2016 is described as ‘a classy album’ and a labour of love which was performed in Northern Italy with the backing of a full symphony orchestra. He followed that in 2017 with his most recent album Behind The Mix.

Allan Taylor writes and performs with equal skill. He has an uncluttered style. His rich and mellow voice and mastery of the guitar are used sparingly to great effect and let the songs ‘speak’ for themselves. A lengthy musical career can however bring health difficulties. Towards the end of last year, three torn tendons in his shoulder meant he could barely lift a guitar far less play it. Happily, a successful op repaired the damage. He now does 45 minutes of Physio daily. Plainly Mr Taylor is dedicated to his craft.

Allan Taylor has been described as probably the most important songwriter of his generation. Decide for yourself by getting along to Irvine Folk Club on 11th April at Vineburgh Community Centre to hear an uncomplicated and honest performance by Allan Taylor. The Club starts at 8pm.

And finally, a reminder that Jimmie Macgregor’s One Man Show is on at The Townhouse in Irvine on Friday 13th April at 7.30pm. Tickets at £10 are available from Joyce on 01294 551047.