Baird, Wilkie & Houston – Guests on Wednesday 24th July

In a change to the scheduled programme, the special guests at Irvine Folk Club on Wednesday 24th July will be Mhairi Baird, Laura Jane Wilkie & Suzane Houston.  This female trio are part of the ever burgeoning ‘conveyor belt’ of young skilled musicians that Scotland is producing.  Two of them sing and between them they play Flute, Whistles, Fiddle and Piano.  Their repertoire is drawn from a variety of sources and influences but mainly Scottish and Irish traditional material.

Mhairi has played at Irvine before as a soloist while Laura Jane and Suzane will be making their debut appearance in Irvine.  They go under their own names which might make them sound like a team of Lawyers but no need to doubt their sound musical credentials.

And then it will be only one more Club Night until The 46th Marymass Folk Festival! The Festival starts on 21st August and the closing notes will be on the 25th August. As you can expect at Marymass, it’s a strong line-up of artists. In addition to the concerts and sessions there is a Youth Fiddle Workshop this year led by Emma Durkan. For 12 – 18 year olds on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th August it’s aimed at Intermediate and above levels. At only £6 each day it’s a steal.

For more info on the Fiddle Workshop and to reserve a place phone Joyce on 01294 551047. It’s the same number for all Marymass Folk Festival  enquiries and tickets.